The Pennington County Sentence To Serve (STS) Program serves as a sentencing alternative providing the courts with the option to sentence carefully selected nonviolent offenders to a period of supervised work in the community.  By participating in Sentence to Serve, offenders are able to reduce their jail sentences and/or work off financial obligations including fines, fees, and local restitution programs. 

If you are looking for assistance from Sentence to Serve, please contact  218-683-7001.

New Direct Phone Numbers

The new Corrections (Jail) Phone Number is 218-416-7097. Please call this number for any inmate related questions.

Inmate voice mail line is 218-416-1120.

Sentence to Serve (STS) / Wade Cota - 218-683-7001

Jail Administrator / Dave Casanova -  218-416-7095 * Assistant Jail Administrator / Jo Williams - 218-416-7098 * Jail Programmer / Travis Black - 218-416-7082