Prisoner Rape Elimination Act - PREA

 The Pennington County Jail has a zero-tolerance for sexual abuse. The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 is a federal law that seeks to eliminate sexual assaults and sexual misconduct.
PREA Overview 
The Pennington County Jail has a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in our facility, under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) 2003. We will enforce all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to inmate sexual misconduct. All reports will be fully investigated, which includes both allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment, by the Pennington County Jail and the Pennington County Sheriff's Office. 
Under PREA, we have established uniform methods for prompt reporting and investigation of allegations of sex-related offenses or threats, identification of predators, protection of victims, and prescribing sanctions for substantiated sexual offenses, as well as false allegations. This standard is directed to all sexual acts relating to: inmate to inmate, inmate to staff and staff to inmate.
Inmates who are currently being sexually assaulted are encouraged to talk to a staff member. This will allow for the quickest response.
If you suspect that an inmate is the victim of sexual assault/harassment, it can be reported in 1 of the following ways:
Contact the Pennington County Jail Administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during regular business hours at 218-416-7095. 
Call the Pennington County Jail and request to speak with a Jail Sergeant to make a report at 218-416-7098. 
Call Sexual Assault Services at 218-681-0881 with the option to remain anonymous. 
PREA Coordinator
The Pennington County Jail has a designated PREA Coordinator. That person is charged with the development, implementation, and oversight of the efforts to comply with the PREA standards. The PREA Coordinator is responsible for overseeing efforts to eliminate sexual abuse and sexual harassment in the Pennington County Jail.
PREA Complaints 2017 
Inmate on Inmate Complaint  Sexual Abuse Sexual Harassment
Unfounded Allegations 0 1
Unsubstantiated Allegations 0 1
Substantiated Allegations 0 0


Staff on Inmate Complaint Sexual Abuse Sexual Harassment
Unfounded Allegations 1 0
Unsubstantiated Allegations 1 0
Substantiated Allegations 0 0


*1 report substantiated allegation of staff sexual misconduct

New Direct Phone Numbers

The New Corrections (Jail) Phone Number is 218-416-7097. Please call this number for any inmate releated questions.

Jail Administrator - Susan Halvorson 218-416-7095 * Jail Programer - Travis Black 218-416-7082