Reporting to Jail

Do you have a Court Ordered Commitment requiring you to serve jail time? 

Here is what you need to know and do.

If the Court has ordered you to serve jail time, report to the Pennington County Jail on the date and time that is on your order. You will not be allowed to bring in any personal items or property inside the jail. All personal items and property will be inventoried during intake, properly labeled and secured. Any excess property will have to be picked up or will be mailed out at the inmate's expense.

You can only bring or have someone drop off the following items: socks, money, and your prescription medication. If you have a special need to bring in an item not listed above, you must obtain prior approval from Jail Administration. Any attempts to introduce contraband to the Pennington County Jail will be referred to Law Enforcement for prosecution.

All Med/Max inmates will be issued jail-issued uniforms, boxers or underwear, linens, bath towels, a personal hygiene kit.

Those who have been authorized by the court for Work Release (Huber) or Sentance to Serve, or other approved release activities should contact the Program Coordinator Mitch Borneman prior to your check-in date to make the appropriate arrangements.

New Direct Phone Numbers

The New Corrections (Jail) Phone Number is 218-416-7097. Please call this number for any inmate releated questions.

Jail Administrator -  218-416-7095 * Jail Programer - Travis Black 218-416-7082