Are You interested in being a volunteer for the jail?

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The Pennington County Jail Administrator and its staff make every effort to plan for the constructive scheduling of prisoner time to enhance safety and order of the jail. Programs offered in the jail are, but not limited to:

Religious Services and Counseling, Educational Services, Substance Abuse Meetings, and Work Assignment Programs. If you are interested in volunteering to offer inmate programming, contact the Program Coordinator Travis Black by phone at 218-416-7082 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

◊Volunteer Application Packet Rev. 2019

New Direct Phone Numbers

The new Corrections (Jail) Phone Number is 218-416-7097. Please call this number for any inmate related questions.

Inmate voice mail line is 218-416-1120.

Sentence to Serve (STS) / Wade Cota - 218-683-7001

Jail Administrator / Dave Casanova -  218-416-7095 * Assistant Jail Administrator / Jo Williams - 218-416-7098 * Jail Programmer / Travis Black - 218-416-7082